Come Hither With Your Zither

A New Year, a new venue & a new timetable for 2018.
Starting January the 15th, Running with Zithers will be open every Monday, except public or school holidays, at
Hollyhock Cottage, 6 Jenner Street, Birregurra Vic 3242.

Because we pride ourselves on personal service, you will need to arrange a time with Angie 0408 379 499 for the following -
  • Come & see our collection of restored, antique zithers or check out our new custom-made zithers. We offer attractive rent/buy options on all our zithers.
  • Arrange a time for your FREE 1 hour lesson that comes with each purchase of our zithers.
  • Private 1 hour zither, autoharp or music lessons.
  • Tuning & repair services.
  • Instrument appraisal service.
For those already up and Running with their Zithers we offer the following on the last Monday of each month.
  • 11am - New tune-sheet session. A 1 hour group lesson introducing a new song; the new tune-sheet will be available for purchase.
  • 1pm - Ensemble Rehearsal. A chance for zither & autoharp players to harmonise  their play toward performance & recording.

An Old Idea's time has come again!

At Running with Zithers, we believe that an instrument very popular around 100 years ago might be just the thing to deal with the stresses of the 21st century.
Apart from their stunning looks after carefully restored to their former glory, what makes these instruments so right for our time are the unique tune-sheets that were designed and written specifically for the Chord Zither.
With the tune-sheets slipped under the melody strings, anyone can play a tune without the ability to read music. Add to this their ethereal, harp-like sound and Chord Zithers provide instant fun, allowing the budding musicians to just play - hitting the musical floor ....running to speak.

Chord zithers in action - recorded by Geraldine Cardozo for The Senior magazine


Meet the Maker!

We're in Münchberg Germany at the moment, where we met up with Michael & Karoline Marko from Akkordzitherbau Marko - Michael has built 3 zithers for Running with Zithers in the past and together they also keep us supplied with tuning keys, tune sheets and zither cases. 
We're currently in negotiations for a new 5 chord zither for our groups  - so watch this space!
They shared their zither weekend with us, so we were able to see the music school they work at and go to a community festival where their zither group/ensemble 'The Münchberg Zither Spektakel' performed. 
As the pictures show, playing the Chord zither is an internationally shared experience and here's a little recording of their performance, enjoy.

At The Festival!

We're Off to a Music Festival!

As part of the Music at the Basilica Festival we will be holding a zither workshop this Saturday!
@ The Music at the Basilica Festival, Geelong, Pioneer Room 150 Yarra St. Geelong (above St. Mary’s Parish Offices) Tickets at the door – $5 per workshop 
Come and take one of theses antique zithers for a run!