An Old Idea's time has come again!

At Running with Zithers, we believe that an instrument very popular around 100 years ago might be just the thing to deal with the stresses of the 21st century.
Apart from their stunning looks after carefully restored to their former glory, what makes these instruments so right for our time are the unique tune-sheets that were designed and written specifically for the Chord Zither.
With the tune-sheets slipped under the melody strings, anyone can play a tune without the ability to read music. Add to this their ethereal, harp-like sound and Chord Zithers provide instant fun, allowing the budding musicians to just play - hitting the musical floor ....running to speak.

Chord zithers in action - recorded by Geraldine Cardozo for The Senior magazine

The Tea Sessions

The ‘Tea Sessions’ will become a monthly thing on a Sunday at the Birregurra Zither House, right next door to The Tea House accomodation.
An opportunity to listen to acoustic live music, enjoy a refreshing cuppa and ‘take-away’ some music CDs.

Ready, set, go!

The Birregurra Zither Centre is ready to open tomorrow! 71 Main Street, Birregurra VIC 3242

Opening soon - The Running with Zithers Centre!

Where? At 71 Main Street, Birregurra, for all things Zithers & Harps!

As you know, my little enterprise has out-grown the lounge room of Hollyhock Cottage and the moving and setting up of instruments at other venues has become a logistically, tiring affair. Considering my options, the opportunity arose to open the ‘Running with Zithers Centre’ at 71 Main Street Birregurra.
It means plenty of parking, safe access and a universal access toilet.
The beautiful heritage shop will allow me to exhibit, play and teach these lovely instruments. The extra space will also allow me to include other zither-like instruments and educational programs from around the world.
For instance Debbie Center and her ingenious educational program Debbie and I have been zither pals for a few years now and as I write, lap harps and her zither music books are winging themselves to Birregurra.
Also on board is Etienne Delavaulx with his ‘revised’ Zithers and teaching aids. Etienne was my very first zither teacher and many of you have already heard or seen his special way of play on his YouTube channel If this interests you, you will be able to have a go at this kind of play on his revised zithers, at the new Running with Zither Centre.
I will continue my voluntary U3A tutoring on the premises as I’m repeatedly amazed how the zither and their special sheet music opens the world of music to players as they learn music theory almost by stealth.

Proud as Punch...

...of these people. The Cola Otways UNIVERSITY OF THE 3RD AGE ZITHER-DITHER performing at today’s Birregurra Community Market.
Season’s Greeting to you all and may your Yuletide be filled with music 🎶

Birregurra’s Zithers hit the big screen!

After submitting our entry to the AMEB Centenary Online Orchestra, we were delighted to see ourselves on the big screen. We all gathered for Birregurra’s own launch party and watched the live stream of all the action at Federation Square Melbourne. What fun we had!
See if you can spot us? ...and find us mentioned in the credits 👏 Birregurra Zither Ensemble members on the day were Barbara Little, Dee Barter, John Welford, Gaye Welford, Sue Warriner & Angie Smales.