Zither Magic!


          Seeking enjoyment and contentment at best
          We each purchased a Zither to put to the test
          As we sit down at our table each day to play
          The chords and the melody gently float us away
          To a place of contentment we knew that was there
          Now that we subscribe to "ZITHER GROUP OF THE AIR"
                                                                                  Leo Appleby

As part of the 2015 Birregurra Festival, we launched our 'Zither Group of the Air' on the weekend.
A long-distance zither group, taking full advantage of the old notation system and tune-sheets, originally sold with zithers, almost 100 years ago.
This launch was driven by the interest in antique chord zithers, fostered by an article in The Weekly Times, a couple of months ago.
But, just like the original tune-sheets, this Zither Group of the Air is simply an 'old idea' reborn, as the purchase price of a zither often included a long-distance course in the form of monthly lessons, that would arrive in the post.

Lesson No 1 of our Zither Group of the Air was emailed yesterday and it inspired a happy zither owner in Teasdale to pen the delightful poem above and included this feed back about the 1st lesson:

'Many thanks for the lesson you emailed yesterday. We were absolutely delighted with it, you have developed a wonderful concept. We particularly like how you show the counted beat numbers and wonder if this could be included each time to help dummies like us with the rhythm especially as we may not always be familiar with the tune.'

Thank you so much, Leo.....Hmm, maybe we should change our name to 'Flying with zithers?'

And with this, I declare the 'Zither group of the Air' up, up and away!