Chord Zithers Open Musical Doors!

This week I received this letter from a family in country Victoria who bought 3 chord zithers earlier this year. It's just great when this simple notation system opens the doors to enjoyable music making.

Hi Angie,
Just thought I would touch base and let you know how we are going. At the moment Dieter is writing up music for one Christmas song every night. He is getting creative with the chords/ accompaniment, which is great to see. He really seems to be enjoying it which warms my heart. It is giving him another enjoyment and interest which is so important considering how he has been the last five years. So we are going to practice up together and hopefully do a little " busking" for a bit of Christmas cheer in the town. Think it will go down well.

Dieter did his 7th Grade Violin exam years ago. He hasn't played for a long time. I am quite surprised though to have learnt, now that he is writing up this music, that he has no idea of key relations, what sharps or flats are in what key, your 1st, 5th and 4th chords etc. The chords I can understand a bit, because with the violin you would be playing mainly melody. However, I can't believe his teacher got him all the way to 7th grade with such little theory. And that I wasn't aware that he was not up with it! So this has been great for him to get some more understanding and for us both to bond through this.

Can't thank you enough for giving us this opportunity. Hope the interest in expanding down there. Once we get out on the street, it might generate some interest around here too.