First Term Donation to Playing For Change!

During 2016, we are donating a part of the tune-sheet price to the Playing for Change Foundation to provide FREE music & arts education around the globe.
Our donation came to just over $130, which converted to $100 US.
The big thank letter below goes out to all you wonderful Zitherists, who regularly purchased the new tune-sheet of the week, from the dedicated folk at Playing For Change.

Dear Angelika,
We are truly humbled to receive your recent gift. Your support is a source of great encouragement to those of us who administer the work (thank you for believing in us!) and the children and communities who benefit (thank you for believing in them!). The gift of $100.00 to the Playing For Change Foundation is a real and valuable investment in the creativity and promise of every student who participates in our programs around the world. It empowers each of them to SPEAK.

“I have learned that I have the capacity to do something good in my life.”
                   - Sarasweeti, 15-year-old student, Mitrata Music Program, Kathmandu, Nepal

The music education you are providing fosters pride and confidence in the children, increases community connections and cultural awareness, and sparks their desire to continue learning and working together. You have given the gift of music. But, truthfully, you have given so much more. Now that many of our programs are 5+ years old, and include students like Halik who have participated on scholarship throughout that time, we are seeing a new level of impact, both on students and the community.

"I thank PFC, the Bizung School of Music & Dance, and all the people who have been supporting the Foundation because it’s not easy to give someone a bright future.”
                   - Halik, 19-year-old student, Bizung School of Music and Dance, Tamale, Ghana

Thank you for sharing what you have so that we can be a part of the lives of amazing young people like Sarasweeti and Halik, and support them and many more so they can flourish. Music brings them joy in the moment and inspiration for the future.

One Love from all of us,