Zither Love spreads around The World!

Over the Christmas break this restored zither made it's way all the way to the US.
'I got it today!!!' was the subject heading of the following email...

Dear Angie,
I'm doing my happy dance! I got it today. IT'S PERFECT!!!! It's more lovely than in your photo's. I sure am glad that I got up early to do things around the house. Cause nothing else is going to get done now! The weather is going to be bitter cold for the next few days. I was going to work outside. Darn! Now, I guess I'll have to stay inside and play.
Now I'm really in love with zithers! Can you tell I'm HAPPY?
I've never been happier in my life! I also wanted to tell you. Because of the way you tuned it before you sent it. I only had to retune a few strings. I was up and playing within a few minutes. I love all the songs. And, the sound is absolutely heavenly! Warm and Rich.

It will be very cold and snowy all day today. By the end of the day my husband maybe ready to send it back to you. (Over his dead body) LOL! Well, gotta go. I hear a lovely sound coming from a box. That's saying come play!

Another happy zither player,

More restored zithers will go into our shop during January!