The Healing Power of Music & Zithers!

Nothing brings me more joy than to witness the healing effect of music on individuals through the vehicle of chord zithers and their unique tune-sheets.
This week I received the following correspondence from a new zither owner and, with her permission, I'd like to share it with you.

Dear Angie,
I'm having tremendous fun with the zither, my friend Patricia who has had a stroke years ago and cannot communicate was playing Danny Boy after closely watching me play it a couple of times, she is thrilled too.

Hi Wendy,
How wonderful and how gracious of you to let me know about it. I sincerely belief that there is a place in music therapy for the chord zither. 
I would like to ask your permission to post this story on my website as a positive effect of playing the chord zither,

Hello Angie,
Yes I have checked with her closest friend and he says Patricia would
be very happy to have the email on your website. I too have been astounded
at the benefit of music for people who have experienced strokes.
Patricia astounded me when I tried to 'teach' her to play the piano, she
just took off and played by ear the tunes she remembered before her stroke.
My son knows of someone who sang his order when ordering in shops!
Music is amazing!!!!!
My daughter has strictly ordered me to NEVER give my zither away, it has to be hers if
I ever part with it. We played it in The Shingle Inn over coffee and raisin toast while nutting
out the plan for her Phd. A rather shaky rendition of Danny boy attracted a lot of notice, amazing
how many people love zithers.