The NEW custom-made Marko Zither

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The NEW Running with Zither's custom-made 5 chord zither has arrived!!
This beautiful zither has been built by Michael Marko to our specifications. It will fit all our original tune-sheets and the chords follow the original arrangement of our antique zithers. So if antique instruments aren't your thing and you would like to experience playing a new instrument successfully, without any previous musical skills, this is the instrument for you.
Michael Marko, being the inventor that he is, has added 2 special features on this instrument that cannot be found on the antique zithers. He has added a half octave of melody strings below middle C, eliminating the need to borrow the lower notes from the chords and an ingenious magnetic system to hold the tune-sheets in place.
It has 2 and a half diatonic octaves of single-strung melody strings, starting from G below middle C and 5 Chords C G F D & A, each chord consisting of a bass and the triad.

The price of this zither includes the new gig-bag/case and all needed accessories like - tuning wrench, cleaning brush,  thumb pick and 10 tune-sheets, ready to play AU$799 + postage.
within Australia - $25 International - $85